Passer-by spots garage fire

High Street, Worle

A householder in Weston-super-Mare had passers by to thank for noticing a fire in their garage.

A member of the public spotted smoke coming from the garage and utility room which was attached to the bungalow. Although the home was occupied at the time, the residents weren’t aware of the fire.

Three crews from Weston-super-Mare Fire Station were on scene within minutes. Firefighters in breathing apparatus entered the garage and used a high pressure hose reel to deal with the small fire. It is though the blaze had started in a tumble drier.

Fortunately the occupants of the bungalow were able to safely escape the fire which caused minor damage to the garage, but did not spread to the main house.

The incident highlights the importance of installing smoke alarms in all areas of your home in which electrical items could pose a risk of fire. For more information about smoke alarms please see the safety advice area of this website.