Crews called to rescue would-be rescuer

Dundry Lane, Dundry

Firefighters have rescued a man from tree, who had become stuck during a bid to rescue a pet parrot.

Two fire engines, one from Bedminster and one from Temple, were called after the 32-year-old became trapped around 15 metres from the ground. The man had climbed the tree to recover a pet parrot, but was then unable to make his way back to the ground.

The tree was overhanging live power lines, so firefighters had the supply isolated before using an extendable ladder on the aerial appliance to reach the man and parrot. Both were safely rescued from the tree by the firefighters before being lowered to the ground. The man and the parrot are not believed to have suffered any injuries as a result of the incident.

Anyone with concerns over the welfare of an animal should contact the RSPCA in the first instance, rather than attempting a rescue themselves.