Home damaged by fallen tree

Highdale Avenue, Clevedon

Two fire engines from Clevedon Fire Station were called after a tree was blown down in high winds, damaging a detached property.

The householders were woken by a large crash when the tree fell against the end of their house, damaging the roof, stonework and a conservatory. The tree had finished leaning against the property, so firefighters worked to secure it to prevent it from causing further damage and falling completely through the conservatory.

Fire crews removed loose masonry and secured the tree using lines and supports to stop it causing further damage to the home.  

The incident was one of four incidents Avon Fire & Rescue Service attended during the course of the night to deal with fallen trees. At Kingsweston Road, Muller Road, and Canford Lane in Bristol crews worked alongside other agencies to deal with downed trees blocking the roads.