Drivers rescued from flood waters

Fire crews have rescued the occupants of three vehicles that became trapped in flood water in two separate incidents.

At 14.55hrs crews were called to Chapel Hill in Backwell after one vehicle became trapped in water on the flooded road. The two occupants of the car, a middle aged female and a teenage male, along with two pet dogs were uninjured, but were stranded some 10 metres from dry land in water at the bumper level of their car.

Fire crews trained in swift water rescue techniques entered the water in dry suits to rescue the occupants of the car. Using an inflatable rescue raft the two people and two dogs were all brought to safety.

At 16.12 firefighters were then mobilised to a second call for assistance after two vehicles became trapped in water at Scotland Lane, Brislington.

Firefighters assisted three people from the two vehicles which had become stranded in around 30cms or 12 inches of water.

During the heavy rainfall across the region this week, drivers are being urged to take notice of road signage advising of road closures - which are put in place for public safety.

Motorists that come across flooded roads should never attempt to enter the water, and instead look for alternative route. It’s not always possible to judge the depth of the water so drivers should never risk negotiating flooded roads.