Supermarket damaged in blaze

Woodborough Road, Winscombe

A supermarket has been fire and smoke damaged following a blaze which broke out in a freezer unit.

Fire engines from Winscombe and Weston-super-Mare were called after smoke filled the convenience store. A total of six firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the shop and used hose reels to bring the fire under control.

The blaze caused fire damage to roughly nine square metres of the store and caused severe smoke damage throughout. The fire also caused smoke to spread into a private flat above the store. Due to the actions of the crews the damage caused was limited.

After the fire was put out, firefighters worked to cut away parts of the ceiling of the store. A thermal imaging camera was also used to check for hotspots.

Both the store and flat above were safely evacuated before fire crews arrived on scene.

An investigation into the cause of the fire found it had started in a freezer unit in the store.