Unattended cooking sparks fire

Wesley Drive, Worle, Weston-super-Mare

Firefighters have tackled a fire in the kitchen of a ground floor flat after cooking was left unattended.

When crews arrived on the scene they could hear the smoke alarms in the property activating, but could not raise the occupant.

Crews had to force entry to the flat and two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus carried out a thorough search of the premises. Fortunately no one was found inside.

Firefighters used a high pressure hose reel to extinguish the fire which was confined to the kitchen and caused smoke logging to the premises.

It appears the occupant had left cooking on the hob and then gone out. The cooking had then caught fire.

Avon Fire & Rescue Service would like to remind people never to leave cooking unattended and to always turn off all electrical appliances which don’t need to be left on before going out.