Driver rescued from car in stream

Clevedon Road, Nailsea

Firefighters have rescued a motorist whose car was left in a stream following a single vehicle road traffic collision. 

Crews were called after the Vauxhall Astra left the road, finishing in the fast flowing stream. With the water roughly at bonnet level, the female driver was unable to escape from her car.

Firefighters from Nailsea Fire Station were first on scene and were able to assist the woman, thought to be aged in her 40s, on to the bonnet of the vehicle. Further appliances from Bedminster Fire Station then attended the scene with specialist swift water rescue trained crews and equipment.

Two firefighters wearing dry suits waded out to the driver with a spinal board and an inflatable rescue sled. The female was then secured to the board before being pulled to safety using the inflatable sled.

Once she was on dry land paramedics were able to treat the lady for the effects of the cold and suspected neck injuries. She was then taken to hospital.