Crews assist with flooding related incidents

Wild Country Lane, Long Ashton, Bristol

A woman and her two children have been rescued by firefighters after their car stalled in a large puddle.

When crews arrived they found the trio still inside the vehicle and the 3ft deep puddle seeping into their vehicle. They were unable to get out.

Firefighters worked quickly to ensure they were unharmed and then used a winch to tow them to safety.

Throughout Wednesday night crews were also called to a range of flooding related incidents.

At 19.06 crews from Southmead and Temple fire stations were called to Kellaway Avenue, Horfield, Bristol, to a property where flooding was affecting the electricity supply. Firefighters isolated the supply and made the property safe.

At 19.53 firefighters from Bedminster Fire Station were called to Tanorth Road, Whitchurch, Bristol, to assist with flood water in a garden. Crews unblocked the drains and diverted the water from getting inside the property.

At 21.24 crews from Weston-super-Mare attended an incident in Upper Church Road where a garden wall had collapsed into the road making it impassable. The landslide was approximately 4ft deep. Crews worked with police and the Highways Agency to cordon off the road and the incident was left in the hands of the council.

At 21.40 firefighters from Kingswood Fire Station were called to Buckingham Gardens, Downend, where flooding from drains was affecting a number of houses and at 22.00 crews from Brislington Fire Station were called to assist with flood water at a property in Gibbet Lane, Whitchurch, Bristol.

Firefighters from Temple Fire Station were called to Elliston Road, Redland, Bristol, at 22.38, where they pumped water from the basement stairwell of a property and unblocked the drains to prevent water getting inside.