Cow rescued from swimming pool

Stock Lane, Langford

A cow has been rescued by firefighters after taking a night-time dip in a swimming pool.

Crews were called to the garden of a house in the grounds of Bristol University’s veterinary school. On arrival they found 13 cows in the garden with one animal in the swimming pool.

It appears the cow had stepped on to the green tarpaulin cover and fallen into the water.

Crews quickly set to work pumping water from the pool. A local farmer then used a tractor to put some straw bailes into the pool, which crews then made into a set of steps at the side of the pool.

A line was then secured around the cow and it was assisted up the steps to safety.

It’s thought the cow had been in the water for about two hours and was suffering from mild hypothermia. It was treated at the scene by a vet.