Tumble dryer fire spreads to caravan and car

St Mary's Park, Nailsea

Two crews from Nailsea and two from Clevedon fire station were called to a tumble dryer fire in the outhouse of a residential property that had spread to a nearby caravan and car. 

On arrival, 10 firefighters in breathing apparatus used two high-pressure hose reels, two 45mm jets and two CO2 extinguishers to tackle the fire. 

They also used a positive pressure ventalation fan to clear smoke and a thermal imaging camera to check for hotspots. 

Firefighters rescued two casulties from the property, who were conveyed to hopsital by ambualnce crews.

A third casulty was treated for smoke inhalation. 

Police were also in attendence and the cause is thought to be accidental. 

For more on tumble dryer safety, visit https://www.avonfire.gov.uk/safety-advice/fire-safety/electrical-safety/tumble-dryer-safety-advice