Pony rescued from ditch

The Bury, Locking, Weston-super-Mare

Firefighters rescued a pony from a water filled ditch after the animal got stuck overnight.

The animal rescue team worked with the pony’s owner and vet to bring the animal to safety.

Kate Cox who called crews to the scene contacted AF&RS to thank firefighters, said: “Pass on my thanks to the Weston Super Mare crew and 'animal rescue' crew from Bedminster who attended my property to help out my friend's pony, Rainbow who was found stuck in a ditch overnight.

“The poor thing was very close to giving up and without the quick actions of both teams, and a very stressy pony owner, Rainbow wouldn't have lasted much longer.

“What really struck me was the time and care they took with Rainbow after helping her out. It was quite touching that there was genuine concern for him afterward and insisting that he was offered something to eat.”

Three crews attended the incident from Bedminster and Weston-super-Mare.