Hovercraft training exercise becomes real rescue

Weston-super-Mare beach between Royal Sands and the Grand Pier

Firefighters training on board the Avon Fire & Rescue Service hovercraft have rescued three people and a dog, who had became trapped in mud.

Crews had been carrying out a routine training exercise on the beach when they noticed the group walking out to sea.

Approximately 15 minutes later the crews returned to the area as part of the exercise and could see the group waving for help.

Firefighters quickly made their way over to the group of three women and a dog and on arrival they found them stuck in the mud up to their thighs.

As the tide was rapidly coming in, crews assisted the group on to the hovercraft and took them safely back to shore. They were unharmed.

Avon Fire & Rescue Service would like to remind people to take care when walking on the beach at Weston-super-Mare as the tide can rapidly come in and people can get stuck unexpectedly. Fortunately in this case the firefighters who were training at the time checked to see if the group were OK and were able to assist them to safety.