Man in his 90s rescued from fire by neighbour in 80s

Highdale Avenue, Clevedon

A man in 90s has been helped from his smoke-filled home by a neighbour aged in his 80s following a kitchen fire.

It’s believed the neighbour saw smoke coming from the next door house and along with his wife went to investigate. Realising the man was still inside he entered the house before leading the fellow pensioner through the smoke to safety.

An off-duty firefighter who also lived nearby arrived shortly afterwards to provide further assistance.

The fire is thought to have started accidentally in the kitchen, causing extensive heat and smoke damage. The rest of the house was also affected by smoke.

Two crews from the nearby Clevedon Fire Station attended the incident. Firefighters in breathing apparatus used a high pressure hose reel to tackle the fire.

Both the occupant and his neighbour were treated by paramedics at the scene for the effects of smoke inhalation.

The brave and swift actions of the neighbours have been praised by crews that attended. Although we would never advise members of the public to enter a property where there is a fire, the actions taken ensured the man was able to reach the safety of the fresh air more quickly.

Smoke is the biggest cause of deaths in house fires. Just a couple of breaths of toxic smoke can be enough to render someone unconscious. Ahead of Christmas we advise everyone to install and check smoke alarms in their property and to plan and rehearse an escape route in case there is an emergency.

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