What we spend and how we spend it

In this section you can find useful information and documents about Avon Fire & Rescue Service’s finances:

Finance and transparency


Our People

The pay and conditions for employees who work within the fire service are negotiated by the National Joint Councils (NJC), which are voluntary organisations covering England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland where agreements are reached through 'collective bargaining'.

Service Management Board members are on the ‘Gold Book’ conditions of service, Operational staff are on the ‘Grey Book’ conditions of service, which are national agreements for all operational staff within the fire service. The latest NJC Pay Award and the Continual Professional Development Payments documents, both for October 2018, can be accessed within the above ‘pay and allowances documents’ weblink. 

AF&RS support staff who are not part of the Service Management Board are on the ‘Green Book’ terms and conditions, which is a national agreement for pay and conditions of service for local government employees and are paid according to the local government’s scale of pay (SCP), which is then divided into grades called the ‘Hay Scale’ . The appropriate grade for support staff is determined by an employee’s level of responsibility and the impact they have on the organisation. There is also a small allowance within each grade for the length of service.  An employee usually starts at the lowest SCP level within their appointed Hay Grade and increases one SCP level each year until they reach the top level for that particular hay grade. The hay grade salary scales for support staff can also be accessed above.