Statutory Officers

Guy Goodman – the Clerk to the Fire Authority

The Clerk to the Fire Authority is the designated “Monitoring Officer” for the organisation responsible for overseeing and reporting on the lawfulness of decision-making.

The Clerk is responsible for advising upon and overseeing the operation of the governance arrangements for the Fire Authority.  The Clerk plays a key role in matters of conduct and probity, including “whistleblowing” under the Confidential Reporting Code. The Clerk is also the in-house solicitor for the organisation.

To contact the Clerk you can send an email or write using the details below.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Write for attention of: The Clerk of the Fire Authority

Our Headquarters address is available at the bottom of this page.



Martyn Wallberg - Interim Treasurer

The Fire Authority is responsible for its own financial arrangements, since becoming a precepting body in 2004.  The S112 Officer, or Treasurer, reports directly to the Authority and has responsibility for financial arrangements such as ensuring the Authority keeps within its budget.