Statutory Officers

Amanda Brown – The Clerk to the Fire Authority

The Clerk to the Fire Authority is the designated “Monitoring Officer” for the organisation responsible for overseeing and reporting on the lawfulness of decision-making.

The Clerk is responsible for advising upon and overseeing the operation of the governance arrangements for the Fire Authority.  The Clerk plays a key role in matters of conduct and probity, including “whistleblowing” under the Confidential Reporting Code. The Clerk is also the in-house solicitor for the organisation.



Danielle Neale - Treasurer

The Fire Authority is responsible for its own financial arrangements, since becoming a precepting body in 2004.  The S112 Officer, or Treasurer, reports directly to the Authority and has responsibility for financial arrangements such as ensuring the Authority keeps within its budget.



To contact a Statutory Officer:

By post: to HQ address at the bottom of the page

By email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By telephone: 0117 926 2061 ext 231