Avon Fire Authority

What is Avon Fire Authority?

Avon Fire Authority (AFA) provides Avon Fire & Rescue Service. Our Fire Authority consists of councillors appointed by the four Councils in the former Avon area. The numbers are chosen in proportion to the number of people entitled to vote in their respective areas:

Bath & North East Somerset: Four members

Bristol: 10 members

North Somerset: Five members

South Gloucestershire: Six members

Our Fire Authority was established in 1996 after Avon County Council was abolished. This had previously provided the fire and rescue service in our area. Our Authority is sometimes referred to as the 'Combined Fire Authority' which reflects its legal status.

Avon Fire Authority owns the land, buildings, vehicles and equipment used to provide Avon Fire & Rescue Service. It also employs the staff.

What do AFA Members do?

Avon Fire Authority is responsible for all non-operational matters, for example Members will:

  • Make informed decisions about matters concerning Avon Fire & Rescue Service.
  • Approve Avon Fire & Rescue Service’s budget and ensure they receive sufficient money from local council tax.

  • Monitor the Service’s performance to ensure it is efficient, effective and economical.

  • Appoint the following positions:

    • Chief Fire Officer/Chief Executive

    • Clerk to the Fire Authority

    • Treasurer to the Fire Authority

    • Principal Officers

  • Act as the final level of appeal in employee disciplinary and grievance procedures.