Pay Policy Statement

Under section 38 of the Localism Act 2011 (‘the Act’), the Fire Authority is required to prepare an annual Pay Policy Statement.  This statement explains the Authority’s policy on a range of issues relating to the pay of its workforce and in particular the senior staff and the lowest paid employees.  It also takes account of the guidance issued by the Department for Communities and Local Government under section 40 of the Act regarding openness and accountability in local pay.

The statement includes:

a)    the remuneration of our chief officers;

b)    the remuneration of our lowest paid employees; and

c)    the relationship between:

i)        the remuneration of our chief officers, and

ii)       the remuneration of those employees who are not chief officers.

Under the Act, pay policy statements must be prepared for each financial year, approved by the full Fire Authority and published.

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