How we handle compliments and complaints

We are committed to providing a professional and efficient service that is valued by the community it serves. We welcome comments on how we provide this service whether that involves congratulations, criticism or constructive suggestions. All comments received will be used in a positive way to improve our service wherever necessary.

As a public organisation we have a statutory obligation to have a policy in place that allows members of the public to tell us when things go wrong, for us to respond to that information and resolve it to a satisfactory conclusion.

In most cases our approach is to deal with these comments in writing or email but we do recognise that this may not fit everyone’s needs. Therefore, please feel free to contact us via telephone or call into our Headquarters reception so that we can arrange an alternative approach, for example to arrange a face-to-face meeting or to work with a British Sign Language or foreign language interpreter.

Our Equalities Team may also be able to help you with any situation where you need additional advice and support.

Our complaints policy is available to download below