Projects supported by the Fund




Project Summary


CM Wayne Coombs (Avon)

Los Angeles Fire Department (USA)

Learning more about the different approaches to youth education and how they could be used in this country.


FF Jon Westward (Avon)

New South Wales Fire Brigade (Australia)

An international comparison to further improve the safety of firefighters in the UK.


WM Kevin Escott (Avon)

Felton Fire Department (USA)

Undertaking training and developing a partnership with the Large Animal Rescue Company, part of the FFD; comparing their procedures and training methods with those of Avon’s; and developing contacts between Avon and other Services in America.  The aim is to provide a sustainable opportunity to share knowledge and experience relating to both operational response and the provision of training.


FF (Control) Kristina Foster (Avon)

New York Fire Department (USA)

Observe the way that NYFD support both operational and support staff who have Dyslexia; and their work with juvenile firesetters and how they carry out interventions.


Jack Orrell (Avon)

San Ramon Valley and Contra Costa Fire Departments, California (USA)

Researching the benefits of mobile application technology.


WC Paul Murphy (Northern Ireland)

Western Australia Fire and Rescue Service / Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Perth (Australia)

Observe practices, training and education systems relating to Wildfire and Specialist Rescue operations.


CM Richard Iles (Avon)

Toronto Fire Service (Canada)

Observe the workings of the Toronto Fire Service.


FF (Control) Katherine Scott (Dorset)

New Zealand Fire Service

Volunteering with the New Zealand Fire Service Fire Wise School education programme.

Visit to Communications Centre, Christchurch.


FF Chris Skeates (Avon)

Hong Kong Fire Service

Study Fire Safety Ambassador Scheme.


CM Adam Course

New Zealand Fire Service

The Firefighter Safety Database Project Phase 2 Research


FF Sam Cooper

Chicago Fire Department (USA)

A study of tactical ventilation methods during firefighting operations and the changing role of the fire service with regards to emergency medical support.