Sprinklers and other fire suppression systems


Fire suppression systems are automatically operated systems which are triggered by either heat or smoke and will extinguish or contain a fire until further help arrives. The systems vary and use water, foams, chemicals and gases.

Fire suppression can be either designed to protect a whole building, as sprinkler systems typically are, or limited to protecting a compartment. Servers, machinery and fuel storage tanks or cylinders are commonly protected by fire suppression systems. Find out more from the Fire Suppression Systems Association website

Water Suppression Systems

Water suppression systems include sprinklers, water mist and drencher systems. They are generally operated by a calibrated glass bulb (sprinkler) or a metal fusible link sensing the heat from a fire. When the bulb or fusible link fails, the water is sprayed on to the fire. 

We will promote the installation of sprinklers in education, commercial, residential and domestic premises as part of a fire engineered solution.

Sprinklers save lives, protect property, minimise fire damage and reduce the environmental impact of a fire.

The Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) supports the promotion and installation of Automatic Water Suppression Systems (AWSS).