Fire Safety Log Book

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order came in to force on 1 October 2006. This places a personal duty on the Responsible Person to decide what needs to be done to bring a premise into line with the order.

The Responsible Person must:

  • Check that the means of escape from the building in case of fire are adequate
  • Ensure that fires can be detected and people in the building warned
  • Provide fire-fighting equipment
  • Maintain fire safety equipment and systems
  • Ensure staff are trained and know what to do in the event of a fire

The log book contains advice intended to assist you and your staff in preventing an outbreak of fire, or if a fire does occur, assist you in preventing injury or unnecessary damage to the premises.

The log book provides guidance on training, testing and maintenance and can be used by your business to record fire safety information.

Your documentation should be available for inspection by representatives of the enforcing authority.

Click here to download the log book.