Advice for Hoteliers

All hoteliers are required to ensure that their staff, contractors, guests and anyone on the premises are safe in the event of fire.

  • Ensure your fire risk assessment, which must be completed by a competent person, is up-to-date and is reviewed as appropriate.
  • Make sure your fire alarm system conforms to the relevant British Standard. It must be tested and maintained in accordance with the installer's recommendations.
  • Escape routes, corridors, stairways and exits must be kept clear from obstruction and free of combustible materials at all times. Final exit doors must be easy to open and must not be locked shut.
  • Consideration must be given to how disabled guests would escape from your hotel in event of a fire.
  • All fire doors should be well maintained, with the self-closing devices in good working order. Fire doors must be kept shut at all times and should display a notice saying so.
  • Emergency lighting, provided to illuminate escape routes in the event of a mains power failure, must be tested and maintained to installer’s recommendations.
  • All hotel firefighting equipment should be provided, tested and maintained to the relevant British Standards.
  • All hotel staff should be made aware of what to do in the event of a fire and should receive regular training.
  • All guests should be provided with relevant fire safety information, which should be explained on arrival and clearly displayed in all guest rooms. This should include information regarding the sound of the fire alarm system in the hotel, escape routes, the location of hotel’s assembly point and what to do on hearing the alarm – for example leaving the hotel immediately, not staying to collect belongings, and leaving by the nearest exit.