Children's team building lessons at fire station

Children at Bedminster fire station being shown a fire hoseChildren from a Bristol school triumphed at two team-building tasks during a fun-filled visit to Bedminster Fire Station.

The visit marked the end of a successful inclusion project.

A group of 18 children from the Ilminster Avenue E-ACT Academy were kitted out so that they looked the part, in safety helmets and protective clothing.

They then went into the yard at the station and took part in some team-building games, which ended with them aiming hose jets at the second floor of the training tower.

The visit marked the end of a project which had involved firefighters making several visits to the school over the previous five weeks.

They delivered fire safety messages and spoke to the children about all the problems associated with hoax calls.

Firefighters also took part in science experiments, starving lit candles of oxygen to show how flames quickly die.

Watch Manager Chris Wright said: “This is the first time we have done anything like this, since we lost the Youth Development Centre, and it has been very successful.

“The children have displayed some lovely team work and seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.”