Firefighters scale world's highest peak - in centre of Bristol

A group of Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) firefighters are set to embark on a grueling challenge to raise money for charity.

On Saturday 30 July members of Green Watch at Avonmouth Fire Station and their colleagues from AF&RS will climb the height of Mount Everest, using a ladder in The Galleries shopping centre in Bristol.

The challenge, which starts at 9am, will see the group climbing the ladder approximately 770 times between them as they re-create the 8,840 metres to the top of the world’s highest peak.

Shoppers will be invited to make a donation in aid of The Fire Fighters Charity and the Great Western Air Ambulance.

Speaking about the climb, Firefighter Emma Long said: “This is quite a tough challenge to undertake and will no doubt test our stamina and fitness levels.

“We are really hoping that the event will attract the attention of shoppers and they will come over and donate to these two very worthwhile causes.”

The Fire Fighters Charity provides support services and treatment to serving and retired fire service staff in times of need. The Great Western Air Ambulance is one of the busiest in the UK funded entirely through charitable donations.