Local football club helps firefighters with realistic training exercise

Firefighters have teamed up with a local football club as part of an exercise to demonstrate their fire search and rescue skills.

Crews from Temple, Yate and Speedwell fire stations attended Exercise Changing Rooms at Hanham Football Club on Saturday 4 December.

The scenario involved a fire in the club’s changing rooms with two casualties trapped in the ‘smoke-filled’ building.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the changing rooms and searched for those missing, quickly locating them.

Watch Manager Richard Iles, from Blue Watch at Temple Fire Station, said: “This exercise proved to be really useful for us to test our breathing apparatus skills and to forge links with the local community.

“The football club were really welcoming and assisted us at every stage of the exercise and I hope those who attended from the club were able to see the valuable work we do when responding to incidents.”