Firefighters in drive to highlight road safety message

Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) has teamed up with City of Bristol College to highlight the importance of road safety during National Road Safety Week.

Over the two week period from Monday 15 to Sunday 28 November nearly 1,500 students from the college, will be taking part in RoadSkills presentations carried out by crews from AF&RS.

RoadSkills is AF&RS’s education package which highlights how drivers cause, or contribute to, road traffic collisions (RTCs), and is designed to reach out to those who are most at risk of being killed or seriously injured when involved in an RTC.

Statistics show that drivers are most at risk of having an accident in the first two years after they pass their driving test and one in five newly qualified drivers is involved in a crash of some description within a year.

Between April and October this year AF&RS attended 66 road traffic collisions with firefighters having to cut casualties free.

To try and make the roads around Avon safer, firefighters will be talking to young people at the college about a range of road safety issues including drinking and driving, using a mobile phone behind the wheel and speeding.

Station Manager Stuart Matthews said: “Road traffic collisions can be devastating, not just for those involved but also their family and friends. All too often firefighters are called to assist in the rescue of someone involved in an RTC and witness the destruction caused and the injuries suffered by those involved.

“We have teamed up with City of Bristol College to speak to young people about the dangers they face if they don’t drive responsibly and we hope these presentations will encourage young drivers to think twice about drink driving, speeding and using their mobile phone behind the wheel.”

Advice for staying safe on the roads:

  • Always keep to the speed limit and slow down further near to schools;
  • Never drink and drive; as alcohol will slow down your reaction times;
  • Don’t use a mobile phone behind the wheel. Even a hands-free device can still be distracting; and
  • Always make sure you and your passengers are wearing seatbelts before setting off.

For more road safety advice, including advice on driving in the winter, visit