Ongoing incident in Whitby Road, Bristol

At the present time two appliances and our High Volume Pump remain on scene. Gas from the cylinders involved is still burning off, but the fire is being controlled by a deluge system, supported by water being delivered by AF&RS. The operation we are undertaking is to contain the fire and cool cylinders at the premises.

This operation requires large quantities of water which is being pumped directly from The Feeder Canal using our High Volume Pump. The hose delivering water is more than 15cm in diameter and is crossing Feeder Road. This water supply is absolutely vital to the cylinder cooling.

This is a complex incident which is now in its fifth day. In line with standard procedure the cordon has been put in place to ensure public safety should there be further explosions. Multi-agency meetings are being held on a regular basis to review the extent of the cordon and risks at the site.

While the cordon has been reduced over the weekend, operational requirements may mean that it is necessary to extend it once again in the coming days. Any decision over the extent of the cordon is being made with the full co-operation of all partner agencies, with public safety as the single focus.

All the agencies involved are working together round the clock to bring this incident to a safe conclusion as soon as possible. We appreciate the disruption caused to local businesses and road users, however public safety must remain our primary concern.