AF&RS patrol local areas over Halloween and Bonfire Night

Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) will be taking part in daily patrols to help deter anti-social behaviour and deliberate fires this Halloween and Bonfire Night.

Crews from Bedminster fire station will be patrolling three routes, all in the Hartcliffe area, where there is often a rise in non-property or vehicle fires this time of year, mainly caused by rubbish being set alight.

The three routes, which will be driven at around 2pm, will include Harcliffe Way to Fulford Road, Silcox Road to Bishport Avenue, and Gatehouse Avenue to Keble Avenue.

All of the routes have been chosen because they take in either Willmott Park or Withywood Park, areas where open fires often occur.

The move comes after Bedminster fire station attended 217 deliberate rubbish fires between April 2017 and March 2018, a large proportion of which were in the Hartcliffe area.

Patrolling the routes not only lets crews have a visible presence in the area but also allows them to report fly-tipping for removal, which could be set alight, reassure local residents through advice and improve fire safety in the area.

Andy Goode, Bedminster Station Manager for AF&RS, said: “This is a great opportunity for us to be out in the community and to help reduce any unnecessary or deliberate fires.

“Of course we want people to have fun on Halloween and Bonfire Night, but want to ensure they do this in a safe manner that doesn’t endanger any property or local residents.

“Also, giving advice to residents such as potentially moving rubbish just helps to alleviate any deliberate fires which can be a problem for the Service at this time of year.”  

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