Crews respond to vehicle fires

Avon Park, Newbridge

Crews from Bath were called to reports a van fire at 02:11. 

At the scene, crews found one van two cars well alight. 

Using two high pressure hose reels, two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus were able to extinguish the fire. 

Later, at 02:26, crews from Bath, Hicks Gate, Kingswood and Patchway were called to an adjacent location after reports of a garage fire. 

With one high pressure hose reel and a single firefighter wearing breathing apparatus, crews were able to extinguish this fire. 

Due to low-hazard asbestos being present in the garage roof, firefighters also wore dust masks and used battery lighting to illuminate the scene.

Both incidents are now in the hands of police colleagues after the cause of the fires was determined to have been deliberate ignition.