Hot tips for heatwave safety

The AF&RS logoAvon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) is reminding people about how to stay safe as the region continues to bask in scorching summer sunshine.

Earlier today the Met Office issued a Heat Health Watch Level 2 warning of a 60% risk of heatwave conditions in the South West today and tomorrow.

It means a risk of day time temperatures of 30 degrees, followed by night temperatures of 15 degrees and then another day of 30 degree highs.

This means an elevated risk of wildfires due to the dry and warm conditions.

AF&RS is taking this opportunity to once again remind people to stay safe during the sunshine, and also to take some simple safety steps to reduce the risk of inadvertently starting a fire.

The increased wildfire risk means there is more danger of fires starting as a result of cigarettes and disposable barbecues not being disposed of properly.

Some of the portable barbecues are being put into rubbish bins before they have cooled down, which then ignites other rubbish already in the bin.

Discarded cigarettes which have not been properly put out can easily start a grass or bush fire in the current dry conditions.

AF&RS Station Manager for Community Safety, John Rides, said: “We all love to get outdoors when the weather is warm but there are hazards lurking all around.

“The latest alert from the Met Office provides another opportunity for us to remind people of some important summer safety tips.

“The dry conditions also mean we have been dealing with grass and tree fires either caused accidentally or in some cases deliberately.

“Take advantage of the warm weather, but make sure you don’t endanger yours or anyone else’s lives.”

Safety advice for enjoying the outdoors:

• “Swimming in lakes and rivers can be dangerous even for a strong swimmer, alcohol will slow your reaction times and attempting to swim after drinking can prove fatal”
• If you’re having a BBQ, keep a bucket of water, sand or garden hose nearby.
• Make sure disposable BBQs before putting them in the bin.
• Fully extinguish your cigarettes and take any litter home with you when eating in public places.