Bonfire night round up

A fire engine leaving a station on its way to an emergency callThis year's bonfire night - traditionally one of the busiest nights of the year for firefighters - passed by without any major incidents.

The first bonfire-related call came at 16.08hrs on Monday 5 November, and the last was shortly after 01.00hrs on Tuesday 6 November.

Between those times there were 20 bonfire-related calls in total, throughout the Avon Fire & Rescue Service area.

Half of those calls were false alarms with good intent, mostly relating to supervised bonfires which were allowed to burn out.

Two were incidents where there had been a fire, but on both occasions the flames were out by the time crews arrived.

Firefighters carried out inspections of the two fire sites and gave safety advice to those in attendance.

There was one incident which involved a barbecue at the back of a property being moved to a safer location and advice was given to the people who were there.

The remaining seven calls required some action by firefighters.

One beater was used to put out a small bonfire in Bowring Close, Hartcliffe, Bristol.

One high pressure hose reel was used to cool down a building which was being affected by a large bonfire in Moorhouse Lane, Hallen.

One aqua pack and  a bucket of water were used to put out an unattended bonfire behind properties in Long Cross, Kingsweston, Bristol.

One bucket of water was used to put out a small unattended bonfire on open space off Maskelyne Avenue, Horfield, Bristol.

One hose reel was used to put out an unattended bonfire at a former travellers' site off Passage Road, Aust.

One high pressure hose reel was used to put out an unattended bonefire on open ground behind Elgar Close in Knowle West, Bristol.

And two high pressure hose reels were used to deal with a large bonfire in Victoria Park, Bedminster, Bristol.