Firefighters make a stand against cancer

Yate-based Firefighters are making a stand against cancer by joining a dynamic new fund-raising campaign.

They have joined forces with Cancer Research UK and Channel 4 to launch the Stand Up To Cancer campaign.

The initiative will unite scientists, celebrities and communities in the south west and nationwide to generate funds and raise awareness.

To help launch the campaign, Yate’s Blue Watch donned campaign t-shirts and armed themselves with bright red and orange arrows, pointing up to represent a rallying call to make a stand against the devastating disease.

Watch Manager Nick Randall said: “We are calling on everyone in the south west to follow our lead and Stand Up To Cancer.

“Most of us know people whose lives have been touched by the disease.

“This is an opportunity to join the fight and make a stand, to help more people survive.”

Channel 4 is supporting the campaign, with a live fundraising entertainment extravaganza on Friday 19 October.

There are lots of ways to get involved in the campaign and a free fundraising pack is available with lots of ideas on how to raise money.

Wristbands, in four different colours, in support of the campaign, will be widely available in October from Cancer Research UK shops and other stores.

For more details of how you can get involved, visit the website