Heavy rain causes widespread flooding

a fire engine leaving a station in response to an emergency callHeavy rain overnight caused widespread flooding throughout the Avon Fire & Rescue Service area.

Although a few isolated incidents were recorded in the very early hours of the morning, it was from just after 5am that flooding started to cause significant difficulty, prompting a large number of calls to the fire service.

Up until just after 10am, fire crews had physically attended 41 incidents throughout the service area, with parts of North Somerset being particularly affected.

Of those 41 incidents, six involved people being rescued.

Two people were rescued from a car in water in Wrington Road,

Congresbury; two were rescued from two cars in water in Queens Road, Withywood, Bristol; two people were rescued from a domestic flood in Langford Road, Lower Langford; two people were rescued after 20 homes were affected by flooding in Clover Close, Clevedon, three were rescued from a domestic flood in Nippors Way, Winscombe, and one person was rescued from a car in water in Court Road, Frampton Cottrell.

In addition there were a further 126 calls which firefighters did not physically attend but where advice was given to people.

Avon Fire & Rescue Service would advise people to keep monitoring weather and travel broadcasts for up-to-date information of any further difficulties.

Motorists are being advised to allow plenty of travel time, to drive slowly, and if you do need to drive through flood water, to regularly test the brakes on your vehicle afterwards.