Celebrating International Control Room Week

Monday 23 October marked the start of International Control Room Week. The annual week-long event recognises and celebrates the varied and vital work that goes on inside each and every control room up and down the country.

With thousands of calls answered already this year, our control staff are always the first people you will speak to in an emergency situation and are there to provide a calm reassuring voice on the end of a phoneline when you might find yourself in an unfamiliar, and sometimes frightening situation. They are responsible for responding to countless of emergency calls every day from members of the public, dispatching the most appropriate fire appliances, officers and equipment based on the type of incident, and help provide life-saving advice to the public.
Samuel Day, Crew Manager (Control) Instructor said: “International Control Room Week provides the perfect opportunity for us to thank the incredible team we have working for us in our control room.”
“Control is a core function in all emergency services, and here in Avon we have some of the greatest colleagues. We have worked together with our various departments over the last year, and taken part in more exercises, projects, and cross service training collaborations than ever before. The teamwork and camaraderie shown has been amazing, and this only improves the working practice in day-to-day incidents. I’m pleased that this week, we’re able to celebrate their hard work, and professionalism, and be able to thank them for continuing to serve and protect our communities.”