Are you expecting a baby?

You’ve thought about the feeding, sleeping and have even locked in a name, but have you thought about keeping your new arrival safe from fire?

This Home Fire Safety Month, we’re highlighting what you’ll need to consider for keeping your baby safe from fire such as learning your escape route while carrying a newborn, what to do if you can’t get out and making sure your space is as fire safe as possible.

There’s no need to panic, as we’ve got a quick, easy and free tool that can help give you piece of mind that you’re doing all that you can to keep your family safe. Taking just 15 minutes to use, and accessible via any web-browser (including mobile), the tool can be completed anywhere. 

Group Manager Ben Thompson endorses the checker, saying: “This is a truly life-saving tool that anyone can use.

“If you’re expecting a little one, tick one more thing off your list, and make sure your home is fire safe.”

The tool will take you through various checks, including a look at your rooms and the hazards associated with them, your lifestyle, and your knowledge of fire safety measures. As you move through the tool, you’ll get advice about each hazard and recommendations for your home and lifestyle. Once completed, you’ll either receive further advice, a booklet in the post or an invitation to book a free visit depending on your results.

Ben added: “We want to support you to stay safe at home, and be the best parent that you can be.

“Let us take care of one of your worries, and give you fire safety advice to protect the people that you love.”

You can access the tool via the link here.