Could you become a station manager?

There’s just two weeks left to apply for a role as a station manager, following the launch of a new direct entry scheme by Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS).

Applications for the new direct entry scheme close on Friday 02 June 2023 at 12:00am and so those interested are being encouraged to get in touch. The pioneering initiative is an exciting opportunity, open to leaders who have the potential and desire to apply for Station Manager roles without needing to have fire service experience, or without needing to have taken the traditional firefighter promotional route.

The scheme will open the door to people who have acquired leadership skills in many different backgrounds and sectors, with the fire stations benefitting from this expertise and wide-ranging experience. The successful applicant will benefit from an intensive 36-month development programme which will see them acquire, develop and demonstrate all the skills needed for them to fulfil their role. Therefore, previous experience in the fire and rescue service is not required.

Simon Shilton, Chief Fire Officer at AF&RS, said: “The successful applicant will undergo a robust three year development programme, similar to the principles of that when entering the service in the role of a fire fighter. They will spend their development programme building the necessary skills and knowledge of the fire service and to also enable them to resolve and command incidents, as well as fulfilling the many other facets of the role.

“I believe that this scheme will provide an opportunity to bring in somebody with different leadership experience, and different perspectives. They may not have considered a role in fire and rescue before but can certainly add to the existing talent within our service.

“Being an AF&RS officer can present challenges, but it is truly one of the most rewarding jobs. I am excited to see who puts themselves forward for this fantastic opportunity and wish them all the very best.”

Creating a different route into the role of station manager, the pathway sits alongside the more traditional firefighter route, playing a part in diversifying senior management in fire and rescue services. The programme is an inclusive one which is designed to bring increased diversity to the sector in terms of experience, perspective and thinking.

For further information about AF&RS’ direct entry scheme, including how to apply, please see the Direct Entry advert .

You can find FAQs about the role here.