We’re recruiting for wholetime firefighters

We’re encouraging people from all backgrounds to take the first step and register for wholetime firefighter recruitment before registrations close on 13 March. 

As a wholetime firefighter you would be responsible for ensuring AF&RS’ fire stations are crewed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Completing a level 3 apprenticeship upon joining, the career promotion path provides investment in you from qualification in technical expertise, leadership and academic achievements such as degrees and more.

This can lead all the way up to Chief Fire Officer via a variety of departments such as Risk Reduction, Technical Fire Safety, Training or Risk Intelligence, along with operational roles.

A huge part of a firefighter’s role is focused on providing advice to local people about how they can keep themselves safe. It’s often said that prevention is better than cure which is why firefighters spend a considerable amount of time visiting people’s homes, businesses and schools educating and providing fire safety advice. This type of work has and continues to play a huge part in reducing the number of people who are killed in fires each year.

Firefighters also take steps to keep people safe through their work in areas such as fire safety. This part of the role includes making sure businesses are meeting their legal responsibilities to reduce risk to members of the public and taking necessary action where they don’t.

When a member of the public rings 999 and desperately needs help, firefighters are ready to respond to a wide range of emergencies - and it’s not just fires that they attend.

AF&RS firefighters are equipped with the skills and training needed to deal with everything from road traffic collisions, firefighting, chemical incidents, rope, water, and animal rescue, as well as provide medical care to those in need.

Where can I apply?

You can apply on the AF&RS careers website, registrations close on 13 March.