One week left to have your say on future and funding of AF&RS

With one week to go until the consultation closes, Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) continue to encourage local people and communities to have their say on the Services' priorities - and how they are funded - for the coming financial year (2023/24).


For 2023/24 central Government have changed the flexibility of the fire precept of the council tax to an increase of £5 per year for the average band D household. AF&RS is consulting with local people, to ask if they would support such an increase in their council tax to support the Services' funding and priorities.

Chief Fire Officer Simon Shilton, said: "Making our Communities Safer and Making our Services Stronger are the overarching strategic priorities in AF&RS' Service Plan and I would encourage all local people to have their say on the priorities which outline our commitment to preventing, protecting and responding to your needs.

"Since 2010, we have had to make £14.5million of savings, predominantly through cuts to our funding from central Government. Despite challenges, we have continued to work hard to make sure the service we provide is value for money for local people.

"In the coming year, our Service Plan will be delivered against a backdrop of financial pressures and an increasing demand for public services. With the potential for less funding, this will mean that providing the support and services people need from their fire and rescue service will become more challenging.

"I know that times are tough for everyone, and asking for another increase in your bills is a big ask. Unfortunately the rising costs of living is impacting us all, including your local public services. In order to deliver an effective service to our communities, we must ask for this increase in your council tax this year.

"I encourage you all to spend a few minutes completing the survey and sharing your views."

Local people are encouraged to share their views by completing the short online survey, here:

The survey will close on 31 January 2023.