Staff enjoy demonstration of state-of-the-art electric fire appliance

Rosenbauer electric vehicle fire appliance demonstration at Bath Fire StationOn Friday, 22 July, staff from across the Service were invited to a demonstration of an EV fire appliance by Rosenbauer, a global manufacturer of systems for firefighting and disaster protection. 

With the introduction of electric vehicles into the Service in recent years, electric fire appliances are another way in which the Service is moving towards the goal of reducing its net carbon emissions.

This visit, which was conducted for research purposes, was hosted at Temple and Bath fire stations and representatives from Rosenbauer were on hand to show staff around the appliance. Crews at both stations were also taken for a drive around their respective cities to understand how an appliance of this type could be beneficial in serving their local area.

The demonstration appliance from Rosenbauer provided a great insight into the environmentally friendly “fire engine of the future”. During this early stage of trialling electric fire appliances, Avon Fire & Rescue Service welcome other suppliers to get in touch if they would like to present their own suitable electric appliances.

Brian Harwood, Head of Transport, said: “We’d like to thank Rosenbauer for bringing the electric fire appliance down to us and providing an informative and engaging presentation for staff. Its state-of-the-art technology and design, from a mirrorless cab with conference styling seating to its ergonomic architecture, was interesting to see.  

“The aim of these demonstrations was to show our commitment towards achieving our net carbon goal, as well as being an example of best practice in Bath and Bristol following the implementation of Clean Air Zones (CAZ). The next step will to be engage staff members on the impact the appliances may have and their return on investment if and/or when they become operational in the Service.”