Performance report highlights 17% increase in emergency calls

Two firefighters in turntable ladder looking out across Bristol.Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) annual performance report highlights 17% increase in emergency calls to the year ending April 2022.


Control firefighters have answered 20,979 calls in the past 12 months, compared to 17,894 the previous year, seeing increases in all incident types across the community.


Chief Fire Officer Simon Shilton said: "The past 12 months saw a significant increase in calls across the board. The pandemic has continued to bring about societal change with how people live and this is continuing to have an impact on the number and nature of incidents we have attended."


Following the increase in calls, firefighters attended 2,763 fires in 2021/2022, compared to 2,605 in the previous year.


470 accident fires in residents homes were recorded, with most incidents taking place at mealtimes and involve cooking, often caused by distractions.


AF&RS have a duty to attend all fires and dedicate resources to reducing risk in our community by preventing fires.


Simon said: "By better understanding the causes of fires and risk in the community, we can dedicate our efforts to raising awareness of fire risk and keeping local people safe in the community."


AF&RS have increased the offering of FREE Home Fire Safety Visits to include more residents with wider eligibility criteria. Local residents are encouraged to request a Home Fire Safety Visit to receive personalised fire safety advice for their home by using our online safety checker.


Simon added: "While it is impossible to gauge the extent of the impact of the pandemic, I am incredibly proud of the Service all of our staff have provided to the community and ultimately, helped us in Making Our Communities Safer and Making Our Service Stronger. "


Read the full performance report.