AF&RS gender pay gap cut in latest report

Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) gender pay gap report reveals increase in gender pay gap in favour of female staff to 0.18% in 2022, up from 0.07%, as reported in 2021.


The report, discussed at the Avon Fire Authority People and Culture Committee in June 2022, highlights that women working AF&RS now earn an average of 3p more per hour than their male colleagues. The report recognises the strides that AF&RS have made to not only increase female representation across the Service but also dedication to prioritising equality and inclusion at all levels.

Chief Fire Officer Simon Shilton recognises the importance of the strides the Service is making, he said: "It is important we recognise the steps we are taking to progress and achieve full gender pay parity.

"While our gender pay gap report no longer highlights a gap in pay in favour of male colleagues, we must remember there is still work to be done to ensure our Service is truly inclusive for all, regardless of a person’s gender identity.

"I became Chief Fire Officer in April this year and in my role leading the Service, I am passionate about developing a culture with Avon Fire & Rescue Service which puts diversity, inclusion, cohesion and equality at the forefront of everything we do."

As a Service, AF&RS remain committed to continuously improving equality for all within our workplaces, we strive to live by our Service values and fulfil our Public Sector Equality Duties (PSED).

Read the full report here.