Temporary Assistant Chief Fire Officer for Service Delivery Support appointed

Today, 15 March 2022, Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) has announced plans to fill the position of Assistant Chief Fire Officer (ACFO) for Service Delivery Support as the current ACFO in the position, Simon Shilton, starts his new role as the Services’ Chief Fire Officer on 1 April 2022.

The position will be filled temporarily by two candidates, AF&RS current Area Manager for the Service Transformation Team, Vaughan Jenkins, for a three-month period from 1 April 2022 and Surrey FRS Area Manager for Community Resilience, Dave Pike, for the following three-month period from 1 July 2022.

During this six-month period, a robust and challenging recruitment process for a substantive ACFO will take place, led by the Employment Panel of the People and Culture Committee, on behalf of the Fire Authority. Those interested in applying for the role are encouraged to sign-up to our mailing list on our YesYouCan.Careers website for the most up-to-date information on recruitment and when applications will open.


Vaughan Jenkins:

Vaughan began his career in the Fire & Rescue Service in 1992, when he joined Gwent Fire Brigade. He later served in South Wales Fire & Rescue Service in a variety of roles across all areas of the Service, he reached the level of Unitary Authority Group Manager in the Operations Management Team before joining AF&RS in 2018.

Upon joining AF&RS in 2018, Vaughan took on the role of AM for Risk Intelligence, before becoming AM Service Delivery Support with responsibility for training, organisational learning and development, risk intelligence, national resilience, resource planning and much more.

Vaughan is currently AM Service Transformation Team, with responsibility of leading the delivery of AF&RS transformation strategy, aimed at developing and/or improving systems, processes, policies and introducing technological advancements across all areas of the Service.


Dave Pike:

Dave began his career with Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service, where he joined as a firefighter in 1995. Since then, Dave has worked across many departments at GFRS and has held a variety of roles, including logistics and technical support, community risk, operational response, business planning and more recently, Dave has been responsible for training and development alongside human resources.

In August 2020, Dave joined Surrey Fire & Rescue Service as Area Commander for Community Resilience, within this role Dave has been specifically focusing on response and mobilising.

Dave is looking forward to meeting all staff within AF&RS to see first hand how we can all work together to deliver highly professional and valued services to our local communities. Dave is passionate about developing a diverse and inclusive Service that is able to meet current and future challenges.

Vaughan and Dave look forward to working closely with staff across the organisation in the coming months, aiming to keep our communities safer and making our Service stronger.