New recruits take on firefighting apprenticeship

On National Apprenticeship Week (7 – 13th February), Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) new recruits continue their training, which sees them take on a level three firefighting apprenticeship.

The 24 new recruits are the first to take on the apprenticeship, in partnership with Weston College, where they will receive both theoretical and practical training to prepare them for a career in the Fire Service. As with most firefighter training, the course is being undertaken at the Fire Service Joint Training Centre, Severn Park.

Crew Manager Mark Jacobson, instructor at Severn Park, said: “The new recruits have so far spent a week with Weston College, having input on the apprenticeship scheme they will be undertaking through their training and probation period. The next stage will be Core Training which is centred around pumps and ladders, after this they will be moving on to breathing apparatus and road traffic collision training.

“The recruits have been put into four watches to match structures on station and gives them the opportunity to experience some of the elements of station life including kit checks, routines, completing tasks as team and responding to scenarios on the training ground.

“The training completedas part of the apprenticeship will include training with AF&RS internal learning and development team atworking stations including Hicks Gate and Nailsea where the trainees will discover more about tactical ventilation, trauma care and safe working at height.”

You can follow the progress of the new recruits on the Services’ Twitter account (@AvonFireRescue),with the recruits tweeting with the hashtag #WT0122. They will be sharing insights into training, behind the scenes information and what they get up to on a daily basis at Severn Park.

Mark added: “The new recruits will be sharing their journey on Twitter to show what they get up to through the course of their training. We hope this will give an insight for people looking to join the fire service as to what life at training school is like.

The training that the apprentice recruits will do at Severn Park is similar to the training that other trainees have received, with additional input from Weston College on British values, diversity, consent, teamwork and decision making. This intake is also unique in the size of the training school group, with 24 recruits being taken on."

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