Celebrating our Heroes in Headsets

Monday 18 October marks International Control Room Week.

The week-long annual event celebrates the varied and vital work that goes on inside each and every control room, shining a light on the critical role that our control colleagues perform 24/7, 365 days a year.

From taking emergency 999 calls, to mobilising appliances, officers, and specialist equipment, as well as informing senior officers and liaising with other agencies and emergency services, our heroes in headsets truly are the beating heart of our organisation.

Over the past year alone AF&RS Control staff have answered over 21,000 calls, providing lifesaving advice to people who are trapped by smoke or fire offering strong and direct instructions, whilst remaining calm at the end of the phone to those in distress.

Samuel Day, Crew Manager - Training, Fire Control and Communications said: “We are delighted to be celebrating International Control Room Week again this year, the annual event provides an opportunity for us to thank our incredible Control colleagues, and unsung heroes who are the first point of contact, and who have to be a voice of calm for those in the moment of need. The compassion and dedication they show on a daily basis is truly humbling and I am honoured to work as part of this tremendous team.

Sam added, “I would like to thank you all for your continued hard work, dedication and professionalism over the past year particularly. We have many new faces in Control, and they are developing well thanks to the unbroken enthusiasm and effort applied by everyone here at Lansdown, and contributors throughout the Serivce. It's a fantastic place to work, and I feel privileged to work alongside you all."

For every mention of #ControlRoomHeroes across social media during International Control Room Week , NEC Software Solutions will donate £1 to the End Youth Homeless Charity and Marie Curie, cancer research.