AF&RS support #KnowExactlyWhere campaign

Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) are supporting the #KnowExactlyWhere summer safety campaign to raise awareness of the free what3words app and how it can be effectively utilised in an emergency.

Every year emergency services join together with local authorities and organisations from across the UK to encourage the public to download the app as a simple way to save time, resources, and in some cases, lives.                                               

With more of us opting to holiday in Britain this year, AF&RS teams are preparing for a busy summer.  Downloading what3words is one of the simplest actions the public can take to support Firefighters answering calls in our control rooms. The app, which is free to download, works entirely offline and generates a three-word code for every 3m x 3m area. This helps emergency services to pinpoint your exact location, and quickly attend to the incident, even if you aren’t sure how to describe where you are. The app is available in 45 languages, including Welsh and is currently used in over 170 countries.

In the past, AF&RS have been given what3words references in the cases of grass fires, unattended BBQs and water rescues, and this information enabled control room firefighters to direct crews effectively.

We urge you to enjoy the summer and explore your local area, making sure to stay safe and heed advice.

  • Ensure that you have a fully charged mobile phone

  • Tell someone where you are going before venturing out

  • Make sure you know the risks of the environment you are entering, such as the hidden dangers of water