AF&RS opens recruitment doors looking for aspiring and diverse firefighters

Local people from across our vibrant communities are being encouraged to apply to become a wholetime firefighter, as Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) once again opens its doors, looking for those who want to make a difference to join the Service.

Over the next three months, AF&RS will be hosting a range of recruitment activity to explore the role of a firefighter, give an idea of what it is like to be part of the Service, as well as provide insight into what is required throughout the application process.

It is hoped that applications will be received from members of our communities across our Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset communities, as well as from our more under-represented communities.

AF&RS are planning to raise awareness through recruitment outreach, which will begin late-December.  More information regarding the selection stages of this recruitment campaign can be found on our ‘Yes You Can’ website - this will be followed by online workshops which are being hosted throughout January.  These workshops will provide further insight towards the role of a firefighter and the selection stages before applications go live in March 2021.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Simon Shilton said: “The role of a modern firefighter has changed significantly over the years; becoming far broader than fighting fires and cutting people out of cars; requiring more skills than ever before. 

“This year especially, has highlighted the diversity of the role as we continue to provide support to ambulance colleagues in light of the ongoing pandemic.  What’s not changed however is the need for us to be there for the communities we serve. 

“With a fire service career comes excitement, challenge and variety, with an opportunity to express passion for community safety and commitment to prevention and protection, particularly in relation to those most vulnerable to harm.                

“I’m therefore delighted that we’ll once again be opening for applications and as well as those who see firefighting as a career of choice, we’re also hoping to reach out to people who may never have thought of joining the Service before.

“Inclusivity is one of our values as a Service and part of this is ensuring we represent our community, this includes reaching out to women and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people, breaking down barriers, ensuring AF&RS is seen as and remains a great place to work.

“Ultimately we are looking for people who are ambitious; driven by representing and making a positive difference; individuals who want to be part of an effective and efficient team; leaders amongst our communities.

“We again hope to be inundated with applications as this gives us the opportunity to pick from the best people from as wide a pool as possible, however if a career as a wholetime firefighter is not for you we also have a variety of opportunities available including on-call firefighter positions, Control positions and a variety of Corporate positions.

“A variety of jobs across the Service are advertised throughout the year, so please continue to visit our website for any future opportunities to join the Avon Fire & Rescue Service family.”

As a wholetime firefighter, you would be responsible for ensuring Avon’s fire stations are crewed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Fully qualified firefighters earn £31,767 a year and have the opportunity to look for promotion within the Service.

Everyone is required to reach the same standard and only those who have the right make up of skills, aptitude and fitness levels will pass the selection stages.

AF&RS will be conducting numerous outreach events to raise awareness of the role of a wholetime firefighter and the selection stages involved in this recruitment process.  This includes a selection of positive action events which are aimed specifically at our under-represented groups, which include females and these from Black, Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities. 

It’s never too early to think about a career with Avon Fire & Rescue Service.

To find out more visit and register your interest to receive updates from the Service about the Yes You Can – Career of Choice campaign.