AF&RS shows improvements in new data

Stats animationAvon Fire and Rescue Service (AF&RS) has published its Performance Report for 2019/20, highlighting vast improvements in the number of incidents, speed of response and amount of community engagement.

The publishing of the paper comes following approval from the Performance Review and Scrutiny Committee, with AF&RS measuring performance using a number of Local Performance Indicators (LPIs).

These LPIs were designed to measure how effective the Service is at meeting its key purposes of Preventing, Protecting, Responding and building Resilience.

For the published document, this this is also the second year of the new format, which is designed to be less data driven and to use more infographics to help the public better understand the work of the Service and how it’s progressing against its targets.

AF&RS continues to make progress in reducing risk in the community by reducing the number and impact of incidents attended. AF&RS has met the reduction targets for deliberate large fires, deliberate vehicle fires, deliberate small fires and attendance at false alarms, and was just off target for accidental dwelling fires.

Each incident that is prevented represents a reduction of risk in the community.

The latest the Performance Report includes a reduction of 16 per cent in deliberate vehicle fires on previous years, and a massive 27 per cent reduction in deliberate secondary fires.

The Service also worked with local businesses to reduce the number of automatic fire alarms to 2,054 in non-dwellings and met response standards for 92 per cent of all building fires.

Other highlights include 6,444 Home Fire Safety Visits, 627 school visits and the attendance of 318 events across the service area, all of which go towards making the Service Stronger and Communities Safer.

In other areas, the Service has reduced its energy consumption by 1.01 per cent, carbon emissions by 3.40 per cent and water consumption by 22.7 per cent. It has also made great strides in energy usage, with 87.3 per cent now coming from renewable sources.

The Performance Report also provides a summary of the Service’s customer satisfaction surveys. 93 per cent of respondents were very satisfied with the overall service provided in an emergency. When looking at the Service’s speed of response, 49 per cent of people felt crews responded quicker than expected and 47 per cent in line with expectations.

Simon Flood, Corporate Performance Manager for AF&RS, said: “Once again, Avon Fire and Rescue Service has been able to make some great progress in the way it responds within the community to ensure that members of the community are getting exceptional value for money.

“We are committed to doing all that we can to make our community safer and our service stronger. We analyse our data to help us understand what additional interventions and initiatives we can take.

“We are also very pleased to report that 93 per cent of respondents said that they were very satisfied with the service they had received in an emergency and no respondents were dissatisfied with the service they received.

“By publishing this document, it is just another way in which the Service is being transparent and living its values on a daily basis.”

The Performance Report sits alongside the Service Plan that sets the strategic direction for the Service, setting out what it will do to ensure staff deliver a high-quality, best value fire and rescue service through its strategic priorities of making Communities Safer and the Service Stronger.

AF&RS’ performance is also scrutinised by the Avon Fire Authority.

You can download the Performance Report 19/20 here.