AFA welcomes new Councillors

Avon Fire Authority (AFA) is delighted to welcome 10 new representatives from councils around the area.

Formed in 1996 following the abolition of Avon County Council, AFA is responsible for making provision for promoting fire safety, undertaking fire-fighting, rescues from road traffic accidents and responding to other emergencies in the area covered by the four local Councils.

The combined Fire Authority, which covers Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset, consists of 20 Councillors and also holds responsibility for holding the Chief Fire Officer to account for keeping our communities safe, performance, risk management and public expenditure.

Elected within their own area, the Authority appoints Councillors in proportion to the number of people entitled to vote in their respective areas.

The 10 new councillors joining the Authority includes:

  • Harriet Clough (Bristol)
  • Brian Hopkinson (South Glos)
  • Ruth Jacobs (N Somerset)
  • Trevor Jones (South Glos)
  • Brenda Massey (Bristol)
  • Adam Monk (South Glos)
  • Paul Myers (BANES)
  • Robert Payne (N Somerset)
  • Bruce Shearn (BANES)
  • Richard Tucker (N Somerset)

The new Members will join the following existing Councillors:

  • John Ashe (South Glos)
  • Neil Butters (BANES)
  • Donald Davies (N Somerset)
  • Tony Davis (South Glos)
  • Richard Eddy (Bristol)
  • Paul Goggin (Bristol)
  • Carole Johnson (Bristol)
  • Cleo Lake (Bristol)
  • Celia Phipps (Bristol)
  • Chris Windows (Bristol)

Councillor Donald Davies, Chair of Avon Fire Authority, said: “I am delighted to have been elected once again as the Chair of the Fire Authority.  I feel honoured to still be in a position to ensure Avon Fire & Rescue Service continues on its improvement journey.

“As an Authority, we are responsible for making sure Avon Fire & Rescue Service provides the community with information and fire safety advice, keep our roads safer and offer an effective response to emergencies across the area.

“In the demanding financial and political climate we continue to face, we will ensure the Service Plan is implemented and embedded across the organisation, while also investing in the future of the Service.

“It is important that as an organisation we are transparent, honest and ambitious about the direction we are headed. It’s great to see new faces who will undoubtedly bring fresh ideas.  I welcome all the new Councillors to the Authority and look forward to working together over the coming years.”

Mick Crennell, Chief Fire Officer of Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS), added: “It is a great pleasure to welcome the 10 new Councillors to the Authority. Having recently hosted our initial welcome day, it is clear they are positive, engaged and ready to make a real difference across the area.

“Before the local elections, the Authority helped us to pass our Service Plan that sets the strategic direction of the Service for the next three years. This was to ensure we match our resources to risk, our Communities are safer and our Service stronger.

“With new Councillors joining the Authority, we hope that these positive changes will continue long into the future. I am delighted to welcome each new Councillor and it will be a pleasure to work alongside them.”

AFA owns the land, buildings, vehicles and equipment, and employs staff to deliver a Fire and Rescue Service.

It also has a legal responsibility for delivery of a Fire and Rescue Service but also employs the Chief Fire Officer to manage the organisation on a day-to-day basis.

Members of the Authority also set the council tax, approve annual statements and approve business continuity plans, amongst other focuses.

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