AF&RS to host public rescue day

Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) is delighted to announce its public rescue day in July (20/07), which will highlight the Service’s capabilities and the dangers of road traffic collisions. 

Hosted at Hicks Gate fire station in Keynsham and in partnership with the United Kingdom Rescue Organisation (UKRO), the event will showcase the best the UK has to offer in heavy rescue by welcoming firefighters from across the country.

Teams from fire and rescue services, including Essex, Hampshire and West Midlands, will participate in rescue challenges focusing on road traffic collision (RTC) and trauma care/first aid.

There will also be a joint training exercise involving urban search and rescue (USAR), demonstrating the capabilities of the search and rescue dog Buddy and rope rescue.

Road policing will also be showcasing road safety, along with South West Ambulance Service and their Simbulance. 

There will also be input from the Clifton Suicide Prevention Group, And Freewheelers, a volunteer blood bike organisation.

The event will be open to the public, allowing people to see up close what AF&RS does on a daily basis and learn about road safety information.

Lee Rogers, White Watch Manager at Temple fire station for AF&RS, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase the full capabilities of Avon Fire and Rescue Service. We do some much more than just fighting fires, and road traffic collisions are a big part of this.

“Across the UK, fire and rescue staff are developing and pioneering great techniques, standards and new ways of moving forward.

“It will be a privilege to get them all together and hopefully this day will showcase not only what we can do, but also the dangers of road traffic collisions and what people can do to keep themselves safe.”

Dan Quin, United Kingdom Rescue Organisation (UKRO) Director for Education and Development, added: "Avon Fire and Rescue Service's Extrication Challenge is unique, representing the only Heavy Rescue event of it's kind outside of the National Challenge.

"The interactive nature and opportunities for Fire and Rescue Service personnel to learn new skills, perfect their competencies and deliver outcomes for community benefits of a national standard, makes this a special event.

"Through the UKRO's partnership with the Institution of Fire Engineers and in recognition of the above, the Avon Fire and Rescue Service event has been awarded the highest Continuous Professional Development hours of any Regional/Local Challenge. This is a testament to the forward thinking and learning commitment of Avon Fire and Rescue Service."

The event is completely free and there are two time slots available:

10:00 - 12:00

13:00 - 15:00

To book your tickets, visit:

For more on UKRO, and to find out about the National event hosted by Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service, visit