AF&RS launch website survey

Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) is asking for feedback on the way residents in the service area use its website.

Ahead of starting development of a new website in 2019, the Service wants to understand what people find useful and what they would like to see more of.

The Service is seeking feedback on all aspects of the current website to better understand its customers’ needs and expectations and develop its services to meet these needs.

The survey would like to know why and how people use the website, and understand any difficulties they have in finding relevant information.

AF&RS is also looking to launch an app and is interested to know what customers would find useful in order to ensure it meets their needs.

Andy Fletcher, Webmaster at AF&RS, said: “Since launching the current website in 2013, it has been a great success but it is now time to redevelop our current offering to continue to keep up with technological changes.

“Once again, this new website will be built in-house which allows us to not only deliver a new product for a fraction of the cost, but also means that we can tailor it specifically to our users and their needs.

“This will see the website take a more mobile-friendly approach and reorganise the content based on user needs.”


To take part in the survey, visit